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Church Bay
Tel: +44 (0)1407 730186
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Now carefully restored by Cyfeillion Swtan (Friends of Swtan) it is far more than a small folk museum. It represents a peasant way of life on Anglesey, only a hundred years ago.

Supporters and friends of the Swtan project, helped by European funding, have ensured that in turning back the clock to 1910, with furniture, fabrics, pots, pans and pictures, attention to detail has been a priority. So that when you arrive and enter, you can only imagine how a small family could survive without water, toilets, bedrooms and living on the sparse pickings of a few animals, small field and a herb garden. They made, repaired, washed, cooked, and reared animals - by hand.

When first confronted by the restorers, the cottage roof had collapsed, since the main beam, an old sailing mast, had rotted away. The challenge quickly captured the imagination and energy of the locals, and the restoration was achieved.

Outside you will find some of the old farm and fishing implements - the bare necessities of a simple life dependent on no more than nature provided.

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