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Beaumaris Castle: Military Masterpiece

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In 1295 Edward I of England ordered work to begin on the last - and most well designed - of his five castles, a perfectly shaped fortress on the "beautiful marsh": Beaumaris.

Amlwch Copper Kingdom: Parys Mountain

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Welcome to the Copper Kingdom -- for a time Parys Mountain produced more copper than any other mine in the world.

Din Lligwy: A Connection with My Ancestors

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The place has an atmosphere, a feeling of old and of a connection with the old people (yr Hen Bobl) and the old ways.

The Legend of Llanddwyn Island: St. Dwynwen

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The old folk tale about Anglesey's patron saint of love and the breath-taking island that still bears her name.

Llyn Cerrig Bach: Lake Full of Treasure

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A local groundskeeper recognises, recovers, and helps to preserve 180 priceless antiquities - an internationally renowned hoard from the Iron Age.


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Llynnon Mill, built in 1775, is the only working windmill in Wales producing stoneground wholemeal flour using organic wheat.