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Origins: Anglesey's Earliest History

Fire and ice forged the Isle of Anglesey. Today on its shores you can still touch rocks spewed from primeval volcanoes over 600 million years ago . . .

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Romans Invade and Occupy

"[A] circle of Druids, lifting their hands to heaven and showering imprecations, struck the troops with such an awe at the extraordinary spectacle that [it was] as though their limbs were paralysed . . ."

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Surrounded by Saints

One Welsh saint could cure blindness, another could predict the future using eels, and a third punished a bible thief by turning him into a stone pillar -- which still stands in a field near "Thief Lane".

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The Kingdom of Gwynedd: 800 Years Strong

From the tiny Anglesey village of Aberffraw, a dynasty rose that ruled North Wales – and sometimes all Wales – as a independent country for more than 800 years.

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Anglo-Norman Conquest

It was 11 December 1282. Dusk was setting when a band of English soldiers in Powys stumbled across a group of weary Welsh fighters . . .

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Industrial Anglesey

An old Welsh nickname for Anglesey is Gwlad y Medra -- "can-do country."

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